Fear the Walking Dead not on SKY?

Why, Oh why is fear the walking dead not on SKY TV?

Firstly, this is a personal grumble and not aimed at the good folks at BT TV. But somebody please explain to me why AMC decided to sell the show exclusively to BT TV, and not share with the other viewing platforms? (We all know it comes down to money) but that really isn’t the point. Millions of fans have devoted, and supported AMC for several years watching the Walking Dead, and then for some unknown reason, you let them all down with one big honking deal!

I know I can’t be the only disgruntled Walking Dead fan who feels cheated by AMC and the sub-channels who provide the show to other countries? I can’t count the hours I have tuned in to watch Rick Grimes and the gang battle their way through herds of zombies, fighting over gangs avoiding cannibalism and still looking fresh each episode. Oh no, I wasn’t the only one who was super excited when the producers of the show announced they were creating a prequel to the show at the beginning of 2015 (genuine smiley faced excitement) and when us mere UK viewers got told we would have to switch to BT TV to be able to watch, I like many other fans, felt the bottoms drop out of every SKY and VIRGIN viewer in the country. (BOOM)

Sad faces everywhere, not a dry eye in the house. So what did the clever guys go and do at BT TV? They let us watch the first episode on Sunday night for free! (Hooking us in) Not I, I will not succumb to the pressures of signing up to a new TV package. I don’t care what they try to offer me. Breaking bad, got Netflix. Mad Men, seen it. I refuse to give in to TV temptation for just one show and will wait to watch the rest of the series when it comes out on DVD (remember when it was called a video shop?)

Anyways, I hope everybody’s having a great day, and looking forward to Season six Walking dead starting October (YEY!)


Lots of Luff, Selina x



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