Interstellar Review

Has anybody else watched the 2014 film Interstellar? If so, did anybody actually understand it?

****Warning major spoiler alert*****

First off, I finally decided to set aside 3 hours of my day and watch the highly anticipated 2014 film Interstellar. 2 hours in to the film and I was instantly regretting my film choice for that day. Now don’t get me wrong, it started off like any other big blockbuster Armageddon film, the world is somehow plagued by a deadly dust, humans can no longer survive robots are everywhere Blah, blah. And personally I love that kind of end of the world stuff. However, after a while I realised that this was not a good film, but was in fact a good book (if you catch my drift)

The Stellar cast (see what I did there) are brilliant, and you can’t fault them for trying to make the film a hit. But, the story line really lacks depth and general understanding for non- scientist folk. My first criticism is the speedy pace of the film, and not fully explaining the basic storyline. How did widowed father Cooper (Matthew McConaughey) become a trained pilot for NASA? What was the random dust message in the daughter’s bedroom, and how did it somehow (and I mean magically) translate in to map coordinates?

Whatever the explanation, somehow Cooper and his daughter end up at a secret NASA lab (why secret?) Where Michael Caine and Ann Hathaway where randomly waiting for him? This was curious enough, however it became more random when they stated they had been waiting for Cooper to arrive, and apparently he was the only one who could drive the space ship. Why oh why didn’t they just call him? I mean seriously, just drive over to his house, send him a letter, don’t rely on this humble farmer to understand a dust message when the whole human race is at stake!

My next grumble was when they enter the Black hole (worm hole, whatever) and most the crew gets separated to explore the different pings they have received from the three random planets. Was there a space centre they set up? Some type of hub? Because somehow, one guy gets to stay somewhere and continues to age 30 odd years because of the space time shift thing. (I really didn’t understand this) again, this is a perfect example of the speedy pace of the film, trying desperately to fit in too many facts and leaving out the important bits.

Next, how old is Michael Caine? When they left he already looked about eighty, so how, after 30 odd years was he still alive (I realise he does die eventually) but if the film makers want us to believe the storyline, the Michael would have been over 100 when his character eventually pops his clogs. And also another niggle in the storyline, how was anybody communicating with the space ship when it was so far away? And more importantly, how did the astronauts communicate within the Black hole (cell phone signal?)

I could go on for a long while talking about the crazy storyline (don’t worry I won’t) I will just briefly mention the strange Interception like ending. Honestly, it made me cry. I don’t fully understand why or how it got to me (it could have been genuine relief) but I think it was more that it ended where it had started, with the poltergeist bookshelf. The sadness of Matthew’s character Cooper was heart wrenching. His realisation that the answer had been right in front of him (upstairs to the left in his daughter’s room) and also that he saw his daughter as a child again and clearly wished he had stayed like she had previously told him to 30 years ago. Pheww!

Whatever you thought of this film, the cast was great and made the film (bearably) watchable. Would I watch it again to try and work it out? No. Would I recommend it to a friend? Maybe someone I don’t really like. More importantly, if you did enjoy it and understand it, please let me know.

Lots of Luff, Selina


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