Top 5 Super quick tips to get out of an inappropriate joke!

So you’ve told a really inappropriate joke! The room has gone silent, and the proverbial hale bays are starting to roll in. there’s one guy laughing but it turns out he’s laughing at something else.

What do you do? Here is my 5 super quick tips to avoid humiliation.


Number 1- (The Sympathy card, possible tears may be effective)

“I’ve just been having a really tough time lately”.



Number 2-(The Godfather)

quickly change the subject to the Godfather film, because everybody has seen it, or pretends that they have!



Number 3- (Distraction, AKA deflecting the blame)Instantly distract from your misgivings and talk about someone else’s. For Example:

“Did you know John from I.T is having an affair?”



Number 4- (Pull out the Famous card)

“But anyway, did you know I once auditioned for challenge Anneka?”



Number 5- ( Run Away)

And finally, when all else fails your only option left is to run away change your name and move to another country!




Selina x