Top 5 Super quick tips to get out of an inappropriate joke!

So you’ve told a really inappropriate joke! The room has gone silent, and the proverbial hale bays are starting to roll in. there’s one guy laughing but it turns out he’s laughing at something else.

What do you do? Here is my 5 super quick tips to avoid humiliation.


Number 1- (The Sympathy card, possible tears may be effective)

“I’ve just been having a really tough time lately”.



Number 2-(The Godfather)

quickly change the subject to the Godfather film, because everybody has seen it, or pretends that they have!



Number 3- (Distraction, AKA deflecting the blame)Instantly distract from your misgivings and talk about someone else’s. For Example:

“Did you know John from I.T is having an affair?”



Number 4- (Pull out the Famous card)

“But anyway, did you know I once auditioned for challenge Anneka?”



Number 5- ( Run Away)

And finally, when all else fails your only option left is to run away change your name and move to another country!




Selina x


Top 5 The Walking Dead OMG! Moments (Season 1-5)

This is the my personal top 5 Walking Dead OMG moments from series 1-5, if you haven’t quite caught up yet then this may contain some spoilers for you! (So don’t go blaming me)

  • Number 5– Season 4- Michonne’s flashback (she had a child)michonne

I felt I had to add this in as an OMG moment, purely because it was such a random (but also made sense) moment for the TWD. I can’t have been the only one watching who saw the scene of Michonne standing in her kitchen making lunch, and instantly felt compelled to rewind the TV because surely, I must have missed something here? Whatever the producers were hoping to achieve, it worked. And all of sudden we were reminded that Michonne must have had a life before, and even more shockingly, her grumpy demur was probably the result of her losing her child.

  • Number 4- Morgan’s not quite himself Season 3


During season 3 TWD, we are reacquainted with Morgan when he holds Michonne, Carl and Rick at gunpoint in the middle of a town, and doesn’t seem to recognise (himself) or Rick. The most shocking thing about this scene is how much Morgan has clearly changed from the last time we saw him in the pilot for TWD. His son Duane has died which clearly took a big toll on him (which is understandable) and he has devoted himself to collecting and disposing of dead walkers. What’s even more heart-breaking is, Morgan’s refusal to come back to the prison to join the others, and Rick has to sadly walk away from the man that once saved him. (Sad face)


Number 3– Carol becomes an official badass! Season 5, episode 1


Woah, you go girl!

Ok, so this is another defining moment for not only the Walking Dead storyline, but also the pinnacle transformation for Carol’s character, and role within the group. Over the seasons we have seen Carol transform from knitting pattern mummy, in to gorilla style warrior ready to do whatever it takes to survive. In season 5 episode 1, we see carol really come in to her own as she single handily saves the group from the evil Terminus cannibals. What’s even more interesting is how she goes about it, and how clear it is that she is not prepared to take anymore shit from anyone. (Queue, Conan Carol)


Number 2– The Sheriffs back in town! Season 1 episode 2

rick grimes

Ok, so we kinda all knew it was going to happen when rick rode in to Atlanta. The streets were far too quiet, and we could see some of the walkers start to stir from their slumber. But OMG, when he turns that corner and sees all those hungry walkers coming towards him,  that defining moment was the cementing of (this show is gonna be awesome!) and had people screaming ” Run, quick go the other way”.

Number 1– The Governor beheading Hershel Greene season 4, Episode 8



The savage beheading of Hershel Green at the hands of the Governor (with Michonne’s sword no less) has to be my ultimate top OMG TWD moment. For myself and many other fans of the show, the death of Hershel came as a truly horrifying surprise. It has become somewhat of a tradition with TWD, which every mid-season (episode 8) a character will either die, or something else will happen to shock TWD universe. But I personally never suspected Hershel, did you? (RIP Dr Hershel)

Anyways that’s my personal top 5 OMG Walking Dead moments. If I’ve left anything out please let me know.